The ball and chain of iPhone was not Java: it’s Google Android

Tweet Sometimes you only need to wait to understand why things happen. When Steve Jobs said ‘Java is not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It’s this big heavyweight ball and chain’, we were surprised and disappointed because like me a lot of people think that there is still room for Java in the […]

Amazon S3 for europeans: Bye bye latency issues

Tweet Werner Vogels -the Amazon CTO- has just announced in his blog the availability of the S3 storage for Amazon European servers. This is good news because it means that Amazon thinks globally. The customer experience can improve if the latency is very low because of the fastest load of pages and static content.

Social bugfixing tool: Can work?

Tweet When you start with a third party open source library or project, first thing you do is to check the its activity. If the project is dead or it’s a zombie (somebody still there just to make questions in the forums) then it’s better to start looking for a new one.If the project is […]

Spanish CS students and professionals on the warpath, demonstration next week

Tweet Enough is enough. For years the students and professionals of Masters and Degrees of Computer Sciences/Engineering in Spain have been marginalized of the rest of the Engineering members. The government has even denied the existence of our Master and Degrees, when they are official studies in the Spanish universities. The number of people working […]