Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. Well, this is not my first weblog, I had run weblog in spanish for almost a year, but I changed my mind, and now I think it’s better to run the weblog in english. Why? Just to practice the language… So please don’t be too hard with my spanish high school english.

Though in my business cards you can read ‘Technical Lead’ or ‘Technical Manager’, I think that I can define myself as an ‘Enterprise Architect’. Since 2000, my job has been focused 99% on J2EE world, but my background comes from the Microsoft world and Systems Development on UNIX platforms for several years.

I have a 6 Year Degree in Computer Science by the Politechnic University of Madrid. It was hard to work and to study, but I finally got my reward. I have passed the first part of the SCEA (Sun Certification for Enterprise Architects), and I have not tried the second part because of lack of time, though It’s finished.

I don’t reject other technologies, but I’m a JAVA passionate, specially J2EE. Since I don’t have a very good experience with Microsoft technologies, I have tried to be apart of this world when I can.

I have been working in the developement and roll out of big applications following the ASP business model, with different business goals and technologies. If you are interested in, please check my cv.

Nowadays, I have just joined to Amplía Soluciones S.L. as a partner. We build mobile and M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions. We have our own product, Opengate, which reduces the complexity of the development and deployment of wireless solutions.