The Google model of development

I have read this post about the Google model of development. It seems that Google encourages creativity in different ways, but they even let workers to spend 20% of their time in non-Google projects. And in working hours, not spare time.

I really envy Google’s workers. The fact is that running a small company 100% (200% should be better…) of my time is dedicated to have success in our projects. If a project fails, we will have problems in our finances, and may be we would have to lay off workers… But working in a big company everything is about burocracy and politics. If you don’t fit in the company politics (or get aligned, as they say), then you don’t have a commitment with the company. Absurd.

I have been looking for an environment like Google for years, and finally I bet my money and my future to my own company. May be one day, when I had the cash and the support of investors, I will follow the Google model. Meanwhile, I will dedicate the 200% of my spare time to ‘my projects’.