The art of manipulation: Business Analyst Reports

This week I read a Business Analyst Report from Forrester: Application Server Platforms Q1 2005. I think everybody has read some paid reports from these analyst firms before, and I guess it is not a surprise to find conclusions that put on top of the rest of the competitors the company that paid the bill of the report (the sponsor).
But I don’t understand why these companies throw away their reputation makind this kind of public reports. Several weeks ago I asked a representative in Spain of a major analyst firm how much is the yearly registration. It was expensive, but I thought that the information that they provide could be an advantage in a competitive market like this. Anyway, we did not purchase the registration.
After reading this document full of unjustified statements, it makes wonder if the information provided by this analyst firm is based upon research and analysis, or it just depends on how much money the big players are going to pay them.
Meanwhile, we make our own research ‘Googling’ the Internet.