Google Desktop 2 screwed up my MS Outlook 2003

When I saw the new version of the Google Desktop 2 in the Google Desktop Download, I downloaded and installed it immediately.
It really looks cool, with some interesting stuff in the new Sidebar. Well, not very interesting for a Spanish guy living in Spain and not in the US… But Google is global and sooner than later I will be able to see the weather forecast of Madrid.
But… Then I tried to open the Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Spanish Version), and once it loads, then it closes itself suddenly! I tried several times and I get the same problem every time a tried, even after rebooting the Windows XP Spanish version several times!
So sadly I uninstalled the Google Desktop 2 and then Outlook started to work again.
It seems I will have to wait until the final version of the app, or change from Outlook to Thunderbird!