Google did it too

Surfing the web I read this blog written by Ex-Google employers. Yes, there are people that have resigned from Google, believe it or not. One of the entries in the blog is this one: Xooglers: Let’s get a real database.
I have heard this sentence tons of times when comparing Opensource products with commercial products… This ex-google employee explains how they tried to migrate to a commercial database from MySQL in the AdWords service. The result? A failure, project cancelled and return to MySQL.
I worked for a company that purchased another company with an already built internet solution on top of a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP… If you have not been on this planet for the last 10 years…). And it worked… But it was not a ‘real’ enterprise architecture… So they decided to spend millions of euros migrating to commercial (and expensive) software.
And guess what? The project failed, it was cancelled and they returned to MySQL.
So please managers, trust your engineers, and “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”