Java is a fashion victim

The article written in BusinessWeek Java? It’s So Nineties has dropped like a bomb in the community. Honestly I think he is right at some points, but this is the kind of journalism that makes me sick.
The writer is right about the maturity of Java: it is a dinosaur because of its size, but nothing else. The funniest part of the article is the comment about how ‘AJAX will replace JAVA’. Smart guy… Writing about software development without knowing a single word of it.
Java is healthy because it has a broad adoption, it has the biggest community of developers, the biggest number of opensource projects (please check sourceforge) and the backup of the biggest Technology companies (except Microsoft, of course).
Java is getting older and it is harder to have fun with it, because basically programming enterprise applications with Java is an exercise of fitting already made pieces (frameworks) altogether. If you choose Ruby on Rails, you will have to invent the artifact by yourself: and this is funny.
If you want to give scalability, reliability and confidence to your customers, go with Java. It will be more difficult loosing money (in turn key projects) than other technologies. If the project is not so critical, not so big, go with PHP. If your customer is a Microsoft taliban, go .NET and put a big buffer in your project plan because you will find ‘unexpected’ behaviors in the framework. In our company, 40% of the projects are Java-related technologies, 60% are others. But more than 80% of the incomes comes from these Java-related projects. And this is the only reason why Oracle, IBM, Sun and others big ones backup Java.