CIO who backed OpenDocument in Massachusetts resigns

This is really bad news for the open-source community. The CIO that supported the adoption of OpenDocument in Massachusetts resigns. He could not stand the pressure.
It is a shame what money can do. Nobody will believe that Microsoft is not responsible of this resign. Everybody knows ‘fair play’ is not an attribute of Microsoft strategy (anybody remember the ‘IE embedded in Windows’ affair? Shameful), but governments should take care of not letting these kind of companies do whatever they want.
Nowadays there are thousands of companies and a fistfull of governments in the hands of the Microsoft products. And this is not acceptable. In Spain you don’t’ have the chance to pay your taxes electronically if you don’t run a program under Windows. No chance for Linux and Mac users.
If Microsoft can do what they want in a public affair like the OpenDocument in Massachusetts, I cannot imagine what they can do in private companies to get projects.