Where are you, Project Manager with Technical Skills?

In Spain we are facing again a lack of workers with experience in development of not-so-cutting-edge technologies like J2EE. So, when you try to recruiter managers to take over the control of the new projects, these are the kind of managers you can find:

  1. Managers that does not really understand anything about development technologies, or even worse, nothing about development practices -methodologies-. So basically, they are not Project Managers, they are just people with some client facing skills, nice suits, may be good in ‘brown nosing’, but incapable of managing a team of skilled developers.
  2. Developers without any experience managing teams, good resolving small problems, with an acceptable knowledge of the technologies, but really poor when dealing with clients and/or high level issues.

The former managers are quickly out of the recruiting process because they don’t fit with our philosophy as a company: we are engineers, so you must know about technology. The latter continue with the recruiting process, but something inside me tells me they are not prepared enough to deal with the role of manager, not because they are not capable: but because their maturity. They are too inexperienced.

But the question is: where do the good engineers go? Where are the old developers now? Did they become managers ? Did they loose the faith in technology and choose a different path? Where are you, Project Manager with Technical Skills?