Google thinks I’m a fat gay

Today I have read a post in ‘El mundo’ about the experience of a journalist using GMail, and how the suggestions at the right hand side of the page can be really ‘scary’. He describe the feeling as the ‘HAL 9000 moment’.
I tried with my own GMail account, and I opened one of my last personal emails: I sent a photograph of my six months daughter to two colleagues from the high school in my hometown, responding me when I’m going to come back to the town. They also sent back the photographs of their babies, with some of the stupid comments that daddies usually do…
When I read the ads at the right hand side, I was really, really surprised: here goes the links that Google suggested:

  1. Dates for singles
  2. Male gay contacts
  3. Romantic dates
  4. How to loose weight easily.

Well, obviously Google thinks I have overweight, I’m single and I like to have sex with males…
They did not hit on any of the suggestions: I’m not overweight (yet…), I’m happily married and I’m hetero.
Google guys: improve the algorithm!