Nerds slang and blondes

May be you can feel identified with the guy dressing in black shirt in this video from a Norwegian Reality Show: he tries to teach a girl how to change the processor in a PC, and the girl thinks the PC is the screen. Very funny…

When I was a student I shared a flat with two colleagues: one of them was studying business. In that time, we used a small 14.400 modem to connect to Internet. It was connected to the tower of the PC to a serial port, and you could barely see it.

He decided to buy a computer, and then he asked us to help him with the purchase. He said “I need a really powerful computer, so I want a computer with a BIG MODEM”. We thought that he was assuming that the bigger the modem, the fastest connection. We explained to him that 14.400 was the fastest connection at that time. But he insisted: “I don’t care, I want a really powerful computer with a BIG MODEM”. We answered: “Size does not matter if you want to connect to the Internet”.

We were shocked with the answer: “Internet? No, I don’t want to connect to that stupid thing of the Internet… I just want the computer to write my thesis, and if I buy a computer with a BIG MODEM, I can put more things inside, isn’t it!”. Jesus! He was thinking that a MODEM was the TOWER of a PC!

He saw that we were always asking each other (my other flat-mate and me) asking: “How is the modem?” to know the status of the modem before making any phone call, and looking to the PC Tower (the modem was connected there to the serial). So he thought that a MODEM was a Nerds’ word for a PC.

We still laugh a lot about this little flat-mates story.