My #1 book for architects: The data model resource book vol1 and 2

Since I started developing enterprise applications professionally (I developed video games when I was a teenager, but that’s another story…), I usually design the first version of the data models implemented in the applications developed (may be that’s the reason some people say my applications sucks…). I have worked with DBAs and Business Analysts, but it seems that the responsibility of putting in a E/R model the concepts it’s mine (well, except when I was the Technical Lead of Xpert Online in Adecco that I had the chance to recruit an excellent professional to perform this task).
Developers ask me if there are some kind of design patterns to follow, and they are very surprised to know that there are a book series that shows how some very well known data structures of the enterprise applications are already designed. These series of books are The Data Model Resource Book, Vol. 1: A Library of Universal Data Models for All Enterprises published by Wiley.
This book helps developers to bypass the ‘White Paper syndrome’ and start with a design that can cover 30% or 50% of your needs. More than design patterns, the designs are already built valid data models. The CDs come with DDLs files to create the designs in Oracle (and SQL Server? I can’t remember). Some of the designs are very easy to understand, but some others are complex and very specific to the target business, so the long explanations that the author dedicates to each model really helps.

A must for any Enterprise Architect.

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