Going live with JEE 5: Congrats SOUKI

Building a project for an start-up has nothing to do with building a project for a big company: people in the start-ups normally are betting their pocket money in the project, and this means that delays, unexpected issues and bad performance of the development team have direct impact in the life of the entrepreneurs. This is the reason why I don’t want to build software for start-ups: if you have a little of empathy with them, you will carry the heavy load of their personal problems, besides of your own company troubles. Big companies normally can maneuver better when problems arise in the project, and everything is strictly professional.
SOUKI is a beautiful piece of software we built for dutch investors. We decided to go with JEE 5 because our good vibrations in another projects, and because the client wanted to extend the system to integrate different “races” of systems, becoming an ‘enabler’ of services. One of the requirements of the client was to be as ‘Ajaxie‘ as possible, and so we did. If you check the source of the pages, you can see the references to DWR, the cornerstone of the AJAX behaviour.
As they say in their blog Souki.com lets you find and explore people & places based on mutual reviews”. The site uses a matching engine developed by WCC that makes a ‘bidirectional matching’: the user offers their likes, and the site offers the places to visit. The likes of the user is based upon their visits and reviews of places, and the scoring of the places is based on the reviews of the users. A pure Web 2.0 concept.
If you are from Netherlands, you can enjoy it now. If you come from US, you will have to wait a bit longer. Anyway, you can browse it here.

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