Skype outage has cost more than $11000 per second to eBay

I have not been able to use Skype for more than 24 hours, just like the rest of the world. It seems that the problem is serious. It has been reported that it’s an issue with a new version of the application. But it’s not so clear. Such a long outage must come from (and I’m speculating):

  1. A failure in the data migration from the early version of the application and a bad (or nonexistent) rollback process.
  2. Massive failure in the storage and problems with the recovery process (I have seen this problem a lot of times).
  3. Skype has been hijacked by malicious hackers. I don’t believe it.

Whatever it is, it’s costing eBay one billion dollars. That’s more than $11000 per second. Let’s see if they can fix the problem before the markets open.

Update 17/08/2006 13:16 GMT+2: It seems that an exploit that causes a denial of service was published by an anonymous user in

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