Spain will need 30000 Telecommunications Engineers in next 5 years

The shortage of Telecommunications Engineers and Computer Engineers is becoming a serious problem for the Spanish economy. Today we can read in the news we will need to import 30000 foreign graduates for our market in the next five years. The option is obvious: bring people from India and China.
I don’t know if these politicians know anything about the IT and Telecommunications Global Market. How the hell are we going to attract foreign skilled workers? With paella, siesta and sangria?
The salary of a Java developer ranges from 18000€ to 35000€ in Madrid. Barcelona and the rest of Spain salaries are lower. So if you follow the salaries in UK or USA it’s crystal clear that Spain won’t be the first options. Most of the IT crowd in Spain can’t barely speak English so the fact is that international workplaces in Spain are just a few compared to USA or the EU.
Hence if you want to work in Spain, you will have to accept a low salary and speak fluent Spanish. It does not sound very attractive, even having paella every weekend and Sangria in the evening…

And no, nobody has siesta in Spain in the workplaces and we don’t dress like bullfighters when we visit our customers (You cannot imagine how many people have asked me if we have siesta in our workplaces in Spain…).

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