G2One.com: following the path of Interface21 and 37Signals for Grails

Today I have discovered the existence of G2One.com. This is the company created by the people behind Grails. Following the business model ‘It is all about the Services, stupid!’ they have jumped into the bandwagon of companies that:

  1. create a framework
  2. work hard to make it first class
  3. create or find a necessity in the community
  4. offer their services as gurus to the companies

37signals is the paradigm of this approach (they created Rails). They sell products not only services which makes them distinct from Interface21, the creators of Spring. Interface21 only sells professional services as far as I know.

I think G2One potentially can overtake 37Signals. I feels Grails can fit into the Enterprise much better than Ruby On Rails because it works on the existing deployed application servers. If they can guarantee the same productivity of Rails, the same stability of Java and the JVM and the seamless integration with legacy Java code, then they can succeed.

Good luck!

P.D.: Being 37signals and interface21 the path to follow, should they change the name to ‘G2fiftyeight?’

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