Five basic tips on preparing for a job interview

Last week I was talking with a friend of mine about my post Sometimes to interview developers can be funny{#i396}. We commented how most of the developers do not prepare the interview, and how they come without even visiting the website of the company. So, here goes some basic stuff you should do before attending to an interview. May be it can sound too basic, but believe me if I tell you that some developers do not care about this five topics:

  1. Visit the web site of the company and learn what’s the main business of the company. It’s incredible the amount of people who have not visit the web site of the company. The excuses vary from ‘I was in a hurry’ to ‘I don’t have Internet at home (!?)’.
  2. Find information about the employees of the company. Use Linkedin, Xing, Facebook… may be you can find a partner or a colleague at the university that can give valuable information about the company. And may be you can be recommended before the interview!
  3. Bring an updated CV/resume on paper and give it to the interviewer. Job boards information can be outdated, and you can always point some new cool stuff you are working on that can help you to start the conversation and bring it to your interests.
  4. Dress code. Try to balance your personal taste and the kind of company you are attending. If the company is traditional, then shoes and a suit, or at least a tie and a jacket will always help. If it’s a start up may be you can relax the dress code, but it can be risky. It’s always better to overreact the first time. It’s obvious that you must wear clean clothes and shoes. It’s also obvious that personal hygiene is important when you leave the virtual worlds. It’s hard to stay in a room for more than an hour with somebody that stinks, even being a super-ruby-on-rails master or a mega-oracle-dba hero.
  5. If you are going to arrive late phone the company and inform of your delay. You can always say you are in a traffic jam, it always works and people will understand. If you decide not to attend to the interview -the job does not interest you anymore- phone them too and tell them whatever you want (the truth almost always works). You don’t know what can happen in the future, but if your absence is unexpected they won’t call you anymore.

What other basic things you would recommend?

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