Spanish CS students and professionals on the warpath, demonstration next week

Enough is enough. For years the students and professionals of Masters and Degrees of Computer Sciences/Engineering in Spain have been marginalized of the rest of the Engineering members. The government has even denied the existence of our Master and Degrees, when they are official studies in the Spanish universities. The number of people working in IT in Spain coming from other areas is enormous, and there are a lot of companies -IT consultancy and services- that does not even have a single professional with a Master or a Degree in CS.

The reasons? You should ask to the Spanish government, I think other engineering members feel that a Computer Science/Engineering can challenge their power of influence and their status quo.

The demonstration will be next Tuesday November 6th at 11:00, in front of the doors of the SIMO (International Data Processing, Multimedia and Communications Show) in Madrid. Some of us will carry the certification of our Master or Degree hanging from our neck, so people can see WE ARE ENGINEERS.

Read here more information (Spanish), Google translation here.

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