Social bugfixing tool: Can work?

When you start with a third party open source library or project, first thing you do is to check the its activity. If the project is dead or it’s a zombie (somebody still there just to make questions in the forums) then it’s better to start looking for a new one.
If the project is active and you decide to use it, sometimes (well, most of the times) you cannot dedicate time to give your feedback to the project. You need new functions in that beautiful library, but you don’t have time to implement it and you have already seen in the bug list that somebody have already asked for the same kind of enhanced functionality.
The question is: When will The Gods of the library/project will implement those enhancements? And why is it not implemented yet? Nobody knows…
I came across with several months ago. It’s a tool to build your own web 2.0 Digg style voting system. And I think it would be a good idea to use it as a voting system to classify the criticity of bugs and enhancements in a complex multi-customer system like popular open source projects.
Do you know of anybody using it this way? Or any other tool?

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