Network Solutions affair: be evil and the blogsphere will destroy your reputation

Long time ago Network Solutions was the only domain registrar of .com domains, and so you had to pay them for the registration. But the monopoly ended several years ago, and discount domain registars are eating their business. They still charge $35 per year for a .com registration when you can find registrars for less than $9. Obviously they still get a lot of money from renewals, but I guess they business is not growing anymore, because they don’t want to compete with discount registrars.
In a good example of a stupid business decission that can definitely kill your business, if a user does a search on the site for a domain, they inmemediately register it in Network Solutions name! If the user goes to a discount registrar, the domain is not available. Then, the user must register the domain with Network Solutions. This kind of business actions have a name: captive customers or hijacked customers. Customers that cannot choose their provider because otherwise the customer cannot continue with their business. This is the worst scenario for a customer, and it’s typical when doing business with a monopoly.
Nowadays reputation and authority are words in the mouth of all people that use the internet on a daily basis for their business or leisure. Building a reputation in the net is hard (just like in the real world), but destroying it is easy, very easy and can take just hours. Network Solutions did not have good or bad reputation (it was an expensive dinosaur, that’s all) but from now on they are pure evil for the blogsphere. They can justify that they have implemented this ‘feature’ to protect their customers automatically registering the domain just in time they search for it, but obviously you don’t need to be registered to perform a search in their site, and there is not visible information about the new ‘feature’. If the search feature is public, basically you are hijacking domains of your potential customers. Pure evil.
Network Solutions, you should disable the feature and apologizes for this bad practice.

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