Again in Germany after six years

This week I have visited the ESOC (The European Space Operations Centre) as part of my new job in The Server Labs. It has been a long time since I was in Germany last time, in the Due Diligence for the acquisition of JobPilot by Adecco (I was staff of Adecco). I think things have not change a lot: Germany is a good place to work if you are in technology: there are good companies, cutting edge research and development, multicultural environment, and people are really, really nice at work. This is also something I felt when I was working in Consors , and I have felt the same in the ESOC.
In Spain people the attitude of people is more ‘defensive’ and it can sometimes hurt the relationship between client and customer from the early beginning. And it’s not possible to compare the number of technological companies in Spain and in Germany.
Still, I really missed something: the colours. May be it’s because of the weather, or because of the functional mentality of the people, but I missed the colours and the sun of Madrid.

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