Madrid Facebook Developer Garage was pure crap

Yesterday I was in the event organized by Facebook in Madrid, The Madrid Facebook Developer Garage. The event was organized by FON, the Wifi company owned by Martin Varsavsky. I think Mr. Varsavsky is doing a great job trying to give visibility of the European and specially Spanish companies in Silicon Valley. The event took place in Teatro Lara, a old-fashioned theater in the heart of Madrid. A nice place, nothing to do with a garage.
Just like the content of the event: nothing to do with a developers garage. It was more like an introduction to Facebook. They sold the announcement of Facebook in spanish like an event for developers. Crap. Not a single word about how to develop applications. It was clearly an event focused on entrepreneurs and companies, not on developers. If I read ‘garage’ and ‘developer’, it sounds to me like something closer to the bare metal, right? But it wasn’t.
A waste of time. I hope Facebook will learn from this mistake and will make things better next time.

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