How should Mobile projects be to survive?

Yesterday we discover that Mowser, the project founded by famous blogger Russell Beattie (and former colleague) was in the deadpool. Russ claimed that he ran out of money and had serious trouble with his finances.
Everyday startups are created and abandoned, but the point in this story is that he could not raise funds to continue with the project. We see almost everyday projects raising a lot of money for nothing, so why an authority in the mobile world cannot pass the first round? Well, honestly I don’t know, but from my experience in Amplia, mobile and M2M markets are really really hard. Everybody recognizes the potential but nobody knows what are the killer applications of the mobile business.
Mobile applications are radically different of ‘Fixed’ applications, and they should have different attributes:

  • Mobile applications don’t need permanent interaction. You only interact with the application when an event occurs that requires your attention.
  • Mobile applications are by the lack of reliability of the wireless networks- error prone. A good mobile application should hide the user of the status of the underlying connection. When the connection comes back, then it should restore the status with the remote services transparently.
  • The mobile application must be ‘always on’. Again, event driven interactivity.
  • Mobile applications must be fasts. The less time the user is interrupted by the mobile device, the better.
  • Data traffic shall not be a concern. Help users to know how much will they pay to their operator. The success of RIM comes of the fact that users know in advance how much will they pay for the service.
  • If a user is always connected to the network or ‘always on’, don’t make them login again in your service. Use the authentication and authorization services of your operators if possible, or find a smart way to keep the user information linked to his/her device.

What kind of applications will win the mobile battlefield? Well, if I knew it probably I would try to raise funds to build it, but I don’t know. I guess that services around presence in the network, location, instant messaging, targeted marketing can be the mobile applications of the next decade.
What do you think?

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