Goodbye Abiquo, hello new projects

Last December my working relationship with Abiquo terminated. I must admit that it was a fantastic experience to be involved in first-person role in creating a product that had real potential to become a world reference for a new industry. I’ve met people with an unusual talent that certainly has enriched me as a person and professional. But mostly I stay with the team with whom I had the honor of working and managing Abiquo: Xavi, Helena, Diego, Monleón … really, thank you for having been me involved in this.

I also want to thank you the engineering team. Sorry, I cannot name you one by one because you are so many now, but I can assure you that I will miss you. I will be there if you need me, no doubt. By the way, I’m still waiting for the payment of the Hudson Broken builds, you know 😉

Why I am no longer with Abiquo? Well … David Cantolla (The Pocoyo / Zinkia) I think he got it right in this interview in Cotizalia


Question: What Zinkia mistakes you’ve learned and have not done this time?

Answer: What I learned from Zinkia is the important thing was not the destination but the journey and who are in that way. If the philosophies of the people that we’re building are the same in the end you have a trip to a beautiful place …. It’s like if you go to India … but you go on a trip organized and next to you there are a few guys who do not agree with you and give you travel. At the end you have a trip that was very nice destination, but it was a very uncomfortable way.

Now I just want to walk, I want to do things and do them with people they want and I want and the way I care for and respect me and I them. If you put experience, a good project quality, equipment, funding, you are honest and you don’t loose your mind about the money things tend to do well.

What’s next? Well … my head is buzzing with new projects and plans for world domination. Abiquo is only a stage in my journey, and the journey includes the vast world of Cloud Computing. In a different way, but we’ll be there. I think I can help many companies to take that step towards the Infraestructure as a  Services, leaving the philosophy apart.

So don’t hesitate to contact me, I am available.